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Edward (Ted) H. Vandenberg


Decision Science


Mr. Vandenberg is the founder of Decision Science LLC, a consulting firm providing planning, advice, and management for advanced analytics, IoT, cognitive learning, and AI initiatives.


Mr. Vandenberg has held management and contributor roles in advanced analytics for 22 years, including roles at Accenture and Farmers Insurance.  He is a seasoned insurance executive with operations management experience in P&C insurance for global underwriting organizations.

His role in analytics is to help insurance companies imagine innovative use cases in analytics and AI and to guide actual projects to implement those use cases. 


He holds Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Information Systems (MCIS) degrees from the University of Denver.


Specific Guidance Examples

  • Corporate Analytics Leadership - formulated and led the analytics function as a start-up inside a large financial services firm 
  • Organizational Strategy -  provided strategic planning for a mature analytics function to re-align distributed resources into a central enterprise function
  • Project Leadership - provided project-level leadership to implement a series of complex data models, algorithms and business process rules into high-value transaction processes and systems
  • Special Initiatives - led the development and deployment of a fraud model for a large healthcare firm
  • Operational Guidance - created a multi-year business and technical road-map for a Fortune 500 company for advanced analytics