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Next Generation Enterprise A.I. 

Artificial Intelligence in many industries is in transition. As an emerging function, A.I. has not yet established its true operational capability in many companies. 

As an emerging corporate function, analytics has no precedent as to organizational alignment, operational model, and corporate strategy. It is a deeply technical subject beyond the comfort levels of most operational and management executives.  Making choices, guiding the development, hiring resources, creating accountability require an intimate knowledge of the unique technologies involved and the unique individuals required for the work. Few people in any industry have this knowledge and the executive level maturity to navigate normal barriers and challenges of establishing such a unique enterprise business unit.  

Decision Science offers consulting services to help AI/Decision Science Executives formulate their business unit and to establish their operational credentials inside the larger corporate environment. Decision Science consultants can play a temporary project, program or management role to help guide the analytics initiative through start-up or next level maturity.  

Effectively 'monetizing' artificial intelligence can be a challenge. Decision Science consultants can help the advanced analytics team to quickly establish value and impact to operational results.   

Decision Science consulting services helps provide the foundation for an effective enterprise or divisional A.I. function.  Whether an internal start-up or an established business unit undergoing transformation, Decision Science consultants can provide an experienced outside perspective and practical guidance.

Why 'Decision Science'?

Cognitive decisions are at the heart of monetizing artificial intelligence.  They are the functional value for why advanced 'decision agents' and related business rules are developed and implemented.  Cognitive decisions include management decisions and insights as well as transactional decisions in service processes. At Decision Science, we explore the entire field of implementing Rational Agent driven decisions.  The full value of A.I. demands that decision analysis is in scope for every project. Without a new kind of decision process, there is no operational gain from applied artificial inteligence.


  • Program Management - Start Up, Turn-around, Re-alignment, Next Level Evaluation of AI business units, capabilities/resources and vendor services
  • Executive Guidance - senior leadership advice on enterprise AI topics
  • Project Management - direct project management and leadership for strategic initiatives in AI
  • Technical Innovation - investigate and evaluate new technical solutions and initiatives for competitive advantage
  • Design Thinking - apply design thinking methods to create a new AI driven business process
  • Temporary Chief Analytics Officer - management of the AI function during the search for a permanent resource; guide the resource development effort
  • Product/Service Development - guidance and strategy for creating new products and services driven by  artificial intelligence

A.I. by Decision Science LLC

The First 90 Days

A newly appointed analytics executive has 90 days to make an impact and establish the pathway for the enterprise to credibly impact operating results using AI.  In this series of white papers, AI leaders can learn how to steer their team and their organization to a robust and well supported effort for the long run.  

'Keys and Locks'

This series of white papers will address various technical and business subjects around 'the business of AI' to help analytics executive advance the impact of their team and organization.

The AI Executive

This blog will introduce a point of view for analytics executives to support the management of their team and their organization.